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Funny Stories..


A selection of stories, comments and anecdotes recollected by (anonymous) personnel and recruitment professionals.

"…. I couldn't believe it went I went back to the meeting room and saw the candidate laying prostrate on the floor filling in the application form"

"….with the interview barely started the balding candidate excused himself in a flustered state and returned composed a few minutes later – wearing a hair piece"

"….asked about hobbies and interests, the candidate stood up and started tap dancing around the office"

"…on talking his seat he pointed to the photograph on my desk, and asked, 'who's the babe – do you have her phone number.' – The 'babe' was my wife. Needless to say he didn't get the job"

"….he produced an Instamatic camera took a picture of me and said he collected photos of everyone who interviewed him"

"….asked to give an overview of his career the candidate responded by saying ….its in the CV if you care to read it"

"….during the interview the alarm on his watch bleeped, he apologised and announced he had to leave for another interview – which was for a better job"

"….the candidate stated at the offset that he didn't really want the job but would lose his 'unemployment benefit' if he didn't attend and show he was looking for a job"

"….she wore a walkman and when challenged said she could listen to me and the music at the same time"

"….he opened his briefcase to remove a presentation folder, and accidentally removed with it a copy of 'Readers Wives' (an X-rated magazine)"

"….interrupted me before I had started the interview and asked me what my qualifications were as an interviewer"

"….he apologised at the outset and explained that he would need to leave his mobile on. Part way through the interview he took a call from his wife. His side of the conversation went something like….'that's good news, how much are they offering? When do they want me to start?'…..When his conversation finished I asked him if this meant he was no longer interested in continuing our interview. To which he replied…'I am as long as you can offer me £xxxxx… which was more than the job was offering' - he wasn't recruited and we later found out that there was no other offer and the call was in fact a scam to illicit more money."

"….when the coffees arrived he proceeded to remove from his pocket a KitKat which he opened on the desk, broke into individual fingers, and then offered to share with the interview panel"

And my favourite (with thanks to JPH)

"….he clearly found me attractive, evidenced by his visible state of arousal which he failed to disguise despite rearranging his sitting position and his jacket: trying to maintain my professionalism I ignored his 'predicament' and continued with the interview in the knowledge that it probably wouldn't last long. An hour later, and in a continued state of excitement, as the interview was drawing to an embarrassing close, I resisted the temptation to congratulated him on his staying power"

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