Client Services

The range of services we offer clients includes:


The recurring and inherent difficulty in finding quality candidates for key positions has meant that as Consultants we have had to broaden our services to provide clients with services that deliver solutions for their specific needs.

Search should not be considered a mystic science. The domain of the head-hunter is no longer limited to the City, or to positions with six figure salaries. Our Consultants are trained in the principles and practice of search, and by utilising experienced researchers we have the tools to deliver.

Since adopting Search as a methodology we have developed a portfolio of clients for whom we have recruited senior and strategic personnel using discrete search techniques.

Talk to us, we will be happy to demystify the process, and provide you with testimonials from satisfied clients.


Our experience and expertise in managing advertising assignments is demonstrated by our proven success in concluding appointments at all levels across all sectors of commerce and industry.

The concept of recruitment advertising is simple.
You have a vacancy.
You advertise.
Your ideal candidate responds.
You appoint to the position.
Idealistic, but not very probable, and so to reality.
Do you know the pitfalls to avoid when constructing your advert.
Do you know what makes an advert effective?
How do you encourage your ideal candidate to respond?
What if they don't have a CV prepared – who can they talk to, and when?
Amongst the plethora of CV's that overwhelm your in tray how do you separate the desirable from the desperate?
Suddenly the task doesn't look so simple and so because you have other pressures you delegate.
But who will you delegate to?
Who will apply themselves to the task with the same diligence?
Who understands the urgency and the sensitivity?
Who will make themselves available outside 'office' hours to talk to respondents?
Who will meet prospective candidates at their convenience to ensure the 'best person for the job' doesn't slip through the net?
Who can provide all of the above and has proven experience of interviewing and recruiting?

We handle every aspect of the process, allowing you to concentrate on the important and productive day to day issues associated with running your business.

We have proven and demonstrable experience of constructing original and innovative advertising campaigns. Campaigns designed to deliver results, and proven to work. Testimonials from satisfied clients attest to this.

The only decision you have to make after instructing Euro Select Consultants, is which of the short-listed candidates you are going to employ.


Contingency or Database File Search is the fastest and most cost-effective method of identifying and recruiting key individuals to strategic positions.

When we receive your brief and have a detailed job and person specification we can interrogate our database and within a relatively short period of time advise you of those candidates we have identified as being potentially suitable. Our database of candidates spans all sectors of commerce and industry, at all levels from graduate to Director, all of whom are actively seeking their next career move.

Our Database is maintained through a constant advertising presence across a range of media, which invites and encourages candidates to contact us to discuss their immediate requirements and future career aspirations.

All candidates on our database are interviewed (in detail) and assessed by an experienced Consultant. We are therefore able to offer, and provide you with objective comments and opinions in support of any candidate whose CV we may present to you.

We do not register CV's blindly onto our database and will NEVER present CV details to a client if the candidate has not previously been interviewed.

Personality Profiling and Testing

We are licensed users of the Thomas International System (link to web Thomas web-site) for Personal Profiling (PPA), Human Job Analysis (HJA), and Testing for Selection and Training (TST).

Profiling is an extremely useful tool to aid the selection process. Similarly when applied to existing employees it is a useful means of identifying individual training needs.

Profiling will not tell you who to employ, or identify definitively 'the best person for the job'. It will however aid the selection process by identifying personality traits and the working strengths and weaknesses of an individual relative to the needs of the role

PPA/HJA Profiling is provided inclusively (at no extra cost) for those clients for whom we are handling Search and Advertising assignments.

For those candidates shortlisted through contingency, or through your own networking or third party activities, we can provide the same detailed analysis, but would make a nominal charge.

Confidential Response Handling

For reasons of confidentiality or other considerations a client may wish to advertise anonymously. It is however recognised and accepted that advertising blindly using PO box numbers generates a much lower response rate.

We can for a nominal fee provide a basic CV and telephone screening service, thus affording clients the opportunity to maximise their advertising response and manage the selection and screening process for themselves.

Our Commitment to clients

  • Our commitment to clients is best summarised by our mission statement:
  • Our aim is to make Euro Select Consultants the first choice for clients and candidates by adopting the principals of best practice, ensuring absolute confidentiality and working honestly and ethically at all times.
  • We are totally committed to finding you the best person for the job.
  • We won't waste your time. "We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it"
  • We work hard and respond promptly.
  • We work with honesty and absolute integrity at all times.
  • We guarantee NEVER to re-approach a candidate we have placed, and we will not head-hunt or solicit other employees from a client
  • We will never present a candidate to a client for interview without first interviewing the candidate to properly determine their suitability


For those clients wishing to interview any candidates introduced by Euro Select Consultants, we offer the use of our private interview suites with telephone, secretarial support and light refreshments.